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All orders will be processed ASAP, however due to unforeseen circumstances controlled by various product manufacturers, NO GUARANTEE is made as to pick up dates or times. The Door Store is not responsible for installation and finishing of product that is picked up by customer. The Door Store assumes no Liability for the performance of the contractor. All ordered doors are NOT RETURNABLE and all orders must be PAID IN FULL AT TIME OF PICK UP. The Door Store assumes no responsibility if measurements are provided by customer. The Door Store is not responsible for doors that are not picked up within 30 days of the purchase date.

All paneled doors are specifically designed with floating panels made of kiln dried woods. The panels can swell andcontract during acclimation to your particular application even after required finish has been applied. Panel shrinkage and misalignment, which leaves an unstained line along the edge of the panel. This is caused by differences in temperature and humidity, and is not a defect. Slight expansion and contraction of the door due to changes in temperature and humidity are not defects.


Subject to the conditions and restrictions listed below, warranted for one year from the date of purchase, to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

If a door is determined to be defective, The Door Store must be notified within 30 days. Upon written notification of the defect and upon inspection by an authorized representative of The Door Store, we will at our option:

  1. 1. Repair the door, or
  2. 2. Provide a replacement part or parts for the door, or
  3. 3. Provide a replacement door.

Warranty Door Diagram

Claims due to warp may be deferred for up to 12 months from the date of the claim in order to allow the door the opportunity to return to its original form once it has acclimated to local humidity and temperature conditions. The deferral will not be counted against the warranty period. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¼” in the plane of the door. Warp is measured by placing a straightedge or a taut string on the concave face of the door and determining the maximum distance from the straight edge or string to the door face. The Door Store WILL NOT provide a warranty for Warp for any door over 8 feet in height and 4 feet in width. The Door Store WILL NOT provide a warranty for doors finished in a dark stain, dark paint or glossy finish that are in direct exposure of by the sun, regardless of overhang protection.

The Door Store WILL NOT provide a warranty for “ MISUSE ” of a door which includes, but is not limited to, using a door on part of a building without providing adequate overhang or an appropriate finish color. Adequate overhang depends on the typical weather conditions of the area where the door is to be used, but at the very minimum means an overhang projecting a distance from the structure equal to one half the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang at the point which is farthest from the door.

The Door Store is not responsible for failure to perform normal homeowner’s maintenance, including maintaining the finish.

Surface checks less than 1/32” in width are not considered a defect and therefore do not fall under the warranty.

All finishes on exterior doors deteriorate over time. Inspect the doors periodically for finish deterioration. Maintenance is recommended annually and is not to exceed The Door Stores recommendations. Be advised. It is the responsibility of the purchaser, at the very least, to adhere to The Door Stores recommendations regarding the finish they have chosen to use. Periodic maintenance over the life of the door is required to ensure your investment is kept at its optimal condition.


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