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Barn Doors

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Contemporary and traditional sliding barn doors are the perfect covering for office doors, bathrooms, kitchen spaces, and closets/bedroom closets. Modern sliding barn doors have an elegant look, from rustic to polished. These doors will give a distinctive and dramatic look.

The Door Store has a wide variety of barn doors and tracks on display in the showroom.

Custom Barn Door Features

Rustic Bathroom Barn Door

Barn Door for Bathroom

Barn Doors with Glasses

Modern White Barn Doors

Closed White Barn Doors

Contemporary Barn Door

Barn Doors for Play Room

Z Barn Door

Paneled Barn Doors

Modern Barn Door with Horizontal Panels

White Solid Barn Door

Modern Barn Door with Glasses for Bathroom

Barn Door for Office

Z Style Barn Door

Dining Room Bard Doors

Double Z Style Barn Door

White Double Z Barn Door
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